Check Engine Light Diagnostics

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Check Engine Light Diagnostics in Crystal Lake, IL

Mysteries Solved: Accurate CEL Diagnosis

The Purpose

If you’re feeling frustrated about your car’s check engine light, perhaps you’re wondering why your vehicle even has the warning lamp. The truth is it’s a federal mandate on all new cars sold in the United States beginning in 1996. It’s a feature of the second-generation onboard diagnostic system or OBD-II. This system is designed to provide a universal trouble code for similar issues regardless of make or model, with the ultimate goal of limiting the amount of harmful emissions released into the atmosphere. If your CEL has illuminated, count on the ASE-certified technicians at Top Notch Automotive in Crystal Lake, Illinois, for check engine light diagnostics. We’re conveniently located nearby at 930 Pyott Rd. Suite 101 Crystal Lake, IL 60014 between Three Oaks Recreation Area and Canterbury Park and near the intersection with S. Virginia Road. We’re here to assist you Mon-Fri: 8AM-5:30PM. Make your appointment online or by phone at (815) 526-3626.